Anonymous: I've seen a lot of your AMAZING work, and sometimes you post older ones and all that, do you post them all in a portfolio, or pick and choose from the shoots you do and only post the ones you really like?

I’m really confused by this question. Are you asking if I only post the best photos or are you asking if I post collections from shoots? I try not to post bad photos of anyone on the Internet. As far as collections go, I’ll upload the entire collection if it was published or if I have time, so it’s hit and miss. I usually just put collections on my blog to avoid being redundant in my portfolio. I also tend to hold on to photos and re-edit them about 20x before I post them, too, hahaha. That’s just when it comes to my creative work, though. Now that I’m shooting full time, I can get client work done in like a week or two.

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